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After taking a few months break, I think I have enough spare time and energy now to renew my activity on DA. I am not sure whether anyone will read this but, for those who still watch me, here is some explanation what happened. Over the last few months I struggled to finish my PhD and to continue to care for my injured dog, Thessa. As some of you know, Thessa was hit by a speeding car and, overwhelmed by the costs of the treatment, we asked the DA community for financial support. In about a month, we were given more than 500 pounds which was more than we expected. It was just amazing and, to be honest, I think I will remember this for a long time. Unfortunately, as some of you know, the doctor who treated Thessa made a mistake, he removed the iron rods from her broken leg too early and the bone immediately broke again. This required a number of new expensive operations and, unfortunately, Thessa’s leg has still not recovered fully. There was a time when it seemed that everything is going in a right direction and we even arranged some visits in a rehabilitation clinic so that she can exercise on a water treadmill. After few visits, however, we were told that her bone is too weak and we should avoid any exercises with her. In fact, Thessa is not allowed to go for any walks, we have to carry her outside and as soon as she is done we have to carry her back home. It has been like that since late January and only about a week ago, some first signs of improvement appeared. The new doctor says that it will probably take around 1 or 2 more months before the leg will be strong enough to remove the iron rods.  Still, we are quite happy because for more than two months, February, March and part of April, there were no signs of recovery at all. We were warned that it is possible that the bone will just not heal again. Now it is almost certain that, with time, Thessa will be able to walk normally. The doctor is not sure about running but who knows, maybe everything will be ok. Also, last week I submitted the first draft of my PhD about the intercultural relations in medieval Famagusta. Depending on how many corrections my supervisors will want me to make, there is a chance I will have a PhD by September. Once this is done, I will be able to look for a proper post-doctoral funding and everything will be ok. So, overall, after very depressing 3 months, things are finally beginning to look better for us so I think I should be able to visit DA regularly. I am sorry for not responding to messages and not following the galleries of those in my watch, I will try to catch up! Please, keep your fingers crossed for Thessa :)


Unfortunately, I still do not have any nice photos of Thessa to show you, this is because we are not allowed to go for any walks and photos taken in our flat would not look good enough, I promise I will upload some in the future


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I am a PhD student of Medieval Archaeology in the UK

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