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This is yet another update about my dog, Thessa, who was hit by a speeding car after getting scared by someone trying fireworks
on the 10th of December at 5 PM. During the accident she suffered serious internal damage (lungs, liver) and one of her legs was broken with fracture. Saving her life and medical treatment was very expansive and I did not have enough money to cover all necessary costs. Thus, in an act of desperation, together with my wife we organized an internet campaign raising money for Thessa and we asked the DA community for help. Here it is -… . The response we got was nothing short of amazing, in just a few weeks we gathered, from people who never saw us or our dog, 420 GPB.! We paid for the operation, Thessa had some iron rods inserted in her bone and everything was looking good. For the next few weeks I made a few uploads about her health and everything seemed to be getting better. This really could have been a heart warming story about an accident, popular support and compassion and finally happy recovery.

Unfortunately, right now Thessa's leg is broken once again, and the fracture is much more serious then it was after the initial accident because the bone not only moved once again, but it shuttered into numerous small pieces. Needles to say, she is in terrible pain and her chances of recovery are lower than ever. We found out about this just few hours ago and we immediately arranged for a new, much more complicated operation that will once again attempt to help her. The operation will take place on Thursday at 8 AM. and we are told that there is still a chance that Thessa will recover but even in the best possible scenario - this will take very long. The story how did it happen is longish but I will write it for you in details, it will also help me emotionally I hope as I cant sleep right now anyway. 

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The problems started about 2 weeks ago, I made a journal entry about this, you can check it out in my history. One of the iron rods moved out of her bone, no one knows why, and started to cause some damage in the soft tissue of her leg. The result was that the leg swelled and Thessa was unable to walk once again. We called the doctor and the iron rod was removed. We were told that this is safe because there are still two more iron rods left in her leg. However, just two days later, the other two rods also started moving out and we could feel them sticking out of our dog's side, just below her skin. Her leg started to swell again, she could not walk again. The doctor told us that this is unfortunate but we need to be patient and the iron rods need to stay in her leg at least one more week. We were told that every day we should use a needle to make a small hole in the hematoma (that is basically the swelled bulb of blood beneath Thessa's skin) so that the blood can flow out it. We did that and for the next few days, every evening we removed about half a glass of blood from her leg. Because she was obviously in a lot of pain, the doctor finally said that she can remove the iron rods. She told us that the rods move out of the leg, because the bone is healing and pushes them out. It was a bit early but this is a young puppy so perhaps she is recovering faster then usual. Delighted, we agreed for the operation and Thessa had the last two iron rods removed from her leg last Thursday. This was supposed to be the end of her treatment and we even arranged for some rehabilitation exercises to built up the muscles in Thessa's leg again. However, when we arrived to the clinic to collect our dog after the operation, something seemed wrong. Thessa seemed to be in a lot of pain and she did not use her leg at all. We asked if everything was ok but the doctor told us that she is in pain after the operation and that everything will get better in time. She also told us that she took RTG photo of Thessa's bone and everything is alright. So, we took her home and hoped that the doctor is right. For the next few days, Thessa refused to walk or move her leg and was clearly in pain. We contacted the doctor again and she told us to wait a week and if there will be no improvement then we should meet again and see what happened. We even arranged a visit for the following Thursday (that is, a week after the rods were removed). However, I could see that something is wrong so we went to another doctor few hours ago and asked him for his opinion. He instantly recognized that the leg is broken again, and the RTG has shown how bad the fracture is. He told us that new operation is required as soon as possible.

The important question now is, when did the leg break again? I am 90 % sure it was already broken when we collected the dog from the clinic. When she was with us, she refused to walk and spend whole days laying on her bed. I had to carry her outside so that she could pee and then, immediately I carried her back again. There was no chance she could suffer any type of serious damage that could break her bone again. Also, when we collected her after the first rod was removed she was happy and walked more or less normally for a day before the other two rods started moving out again. However, this time when we collected her she was already in pain and refused to walk. Because she was in pain all night I am 100 % sure that the leg was already broken then. So, it happened either in the clinic or on our way home but I carried her all the way so I really would have noticed if something would happen. So, what I think have happened is that the doctor removed the rods, everything seemed fine so she left the dog with a nurse who also takes care of other animals currently in the clinic. We collected Thessa about an hour after the operation so I think that something must have happened during that hour but the nurse was afraid to tell anyone so she just gave us Thessa back and hoped that everything is ok. That is why, when we asked the doctor why she is in pain - she told us that this cannot be anything serious because Thessa's leg was looking ok after the operation. I do not know, maybe the leg broke when I was carrying her but I did not notice it. It seems impossible to me but maybe I am just subconsciously blaming others for my mistake. Overall this is not the most important issue now, what matters is that her leg is shattered and chances for recovery are rather low. Please, keep your fingers crossed or pray that the operation will work and that this time, there will be no further complications - there is still a small chance that in a year or so - Thessa will walk again. She is my first dog and we bought her to celebrate moving back to our home country after years of studying abroad. She is so calm and brave, despite all the pain of living for a week with a broken leg that is shuttered to pieces she never barked or howled. She was just very calm and sad and we could see that something is wrong but the doctors kept telling us to wait. If I would listen to them I would probably still be waiting thinking that everything is alright but she just acts strange. The new operation is hellishly expansive but we took another loan so, at least for now, we will be able to pay for it. Thank you for your interest and I am really, really sorry I do not have some better news for you. I will make another upload after Thessa's operation is finished and we will have a chance to speak to the surgeon about her chances for recovery.




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I am a PhD student of Medieval Archaeology in the UK

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